It is important that all goods being transported are secure. Damages caused by improperly secured loads can be avoided by using quality cargo restraint equipment.

Straps or tie-down slings with a sturdy ratchet mechanism are suitable for securing a wide variety of different loads.

Tie-down straps should be placed on protective plastic corner protectors which, in addition to facilitating load balance, protect the goods from the force of the tie-down.

There are various plastic protection corners. Depending on the size of the pallet and the transported goods, a different type of plastic protection corner will be required. On our website, you can see the different types of plastic protection corners that we manufacture. It is essential that these plastic protection corners are made with the appropriate plastic materials to guarantee both their rigidity and flexibility. If not, injuries or accidents to the merchandise could occur due to the breakage of the plastic protection corner.

Both the sling and the plastic protection corner form a “team” in order to optimally secure the goods during transportation.

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