Corner protectors for load securing in transport

BAUMGARTEN has developed a new range of corner protectors for load restraint to transport all kinds of goods.

In Baumgarten we have created our own manufactured products that we transform in our facilities near Barcelona.

They are plastic corner protectors to protect and secure goods during transport.

All our corner protectors are homologated and their design gives them the necessary resistance to withstand the compression to which they are subjected.

There are different types of corner protectors;

Long double and single wall corner protectors, generally used to protect materials from the construction sector during transport.
Medium and small corner protectors to protect lighter materials.
Exclusive corner protectors to protect the transport of paper reels.

The raw materials used for their transformation are supplied by first class European suppliers.

You can contact us by phone or email for any enquiry.

Kitchen furniture legs

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Kitchen furniture legs

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