The importance of keeping corner protectors in good condition to prevent accidents

When it comes to freight transportation, safety is one of the main concerns for professionals in the sector. In addition to complying with the requirements established by current regulations and legislation, it is important to pay attention to all the details to avoid the risk of accidents.

One of these small details are corner protectors, which although they may seem insignificant, play a fundamental role in protecting the goods during transportation.

Keeping the corner protectors in good condition when transporting goods helps us reinforce the safety of the goods during road transportation. Corner protectors in poor condition could cause the load to lose stability and generate damage to the goods. But, in addition, it could also cause an accident on the road.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of keeping corner protectors in good condition to prevent accidents and transport goods safely.

What are corner protectors and what are they for?

First of all, let’s explain what plastic corner protectors for transportation are.

Corner protectors are protective elements designed to safeguard the corners and edges of goods during transportation. Although it may seem trivial, they are an indispensable element in various sectors.

They can be made of different materials, such as plastic, cardboard, or metal, and their main objective is to protect the goods from bumps and scratches that may occur during transportation.

In addition to their protective function, corner protectors provide more security in the transportation of goods because they allow for better handling and stability of the load.

By placing the corner protectors on the corners of the goods, a flat and stable surface is created, providing a better grip and securing of the load. In this way, it prevents the goods from moving or shifting during transportation, which could cause damage to the products.

The versatility of corner protectors has allowed them to be used in various sectors, such as logistics and distribution, the textile industry, the food industry, and many others.

Benefits of using corner protectors for transportation

Corner protectors are a practical and efficient solution to protect goods during transportation.

Do you want to know what benefits there are in using corner protectors for transporting goods?

  • Firstly, corner protectors offer additional protection to goods as they act as a protective barrier against possible bumps and scratches during transportation. In this way, the chances of the goods being damaged are minimized, preventing the loss of orders and the need to repair or replace the load.
  • Another benefit of using corner protectors is the improvement in load stability. These pieces allow the goods to be more stable and have better grip, making handling and transportation safer and easier. In this way, the risk of accidents is reduced and logistics efficiency is improved.
  • In addition, the use of corner protectors can contribute to cost reduction. By avoiding damage to the goods, the need for repairs or replacement of the load is reduced, resulting in a decrease in replacement and repair costs.
  • The improvement in load stability can also reduce labor costs by facilitating the handling and transportation of goods.

Current legislation on corner protectors for the transportation of goods.

Corner protectors are so important for the safety of transporting goods that there are regulations that require their use. They have become a not only recommended but also regulated and mandatory component.

UNE 12195 regulations are responsible for establishing the necessary technical and quality requirements for the correct use of grip and load securing elements in road freight transport. This regulation is applicable to all transport vehicles, whether national or international, that circulate on Spanish roads.

Regarding corner protectors, the regulation establishes that they must be designed and manufactured with the necessary materials and technical characteristics to withstand the maximum loads anticipated during transport, thus ensuring their resistance and durability.

Additionally, the regulation establishes the installation and fastening conditions for corner protectors to ensure that they are in the appropriate position during transport.

Compliance with UNE 12195 regulation is essential to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation. Corner protectors are a key component of cargo safety and help to avoid economic losses and rejected orders.

Therefore, maintaining the corner protectors in good condition is essential to ensure their effectiveness and the safety of the cargo, as well as knowing how to select the appropriate type of corner protector and its correct installation.

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