Plastic corners allow for the protection of goods inside cardboard boxes through strapping.

With them, deformations in the packaging are prevented.

By using strapping corners, besides protecting the product, it ensures that the pallet is more balanced and optimal for load during transportation.

Therefore, it’s ideal to protect the finished product in pallets with cardboard boxes.

Plastic corners are a very commonly used and essential accessory for packaging.

These plastic corners are used by all companies that distribute any packaging element, as well as by strapping manufacturers, as many of them not only supply the end customer with strapping but also provide them with plastic corners.

It is especially the manufacturers of polypropylene straps who can distribute these corners, as well as companies that provide packaging solutions.

At Baumgarten Spain, we manufacture these plastic corners with our own molds on our transformation machines in the town of Terrassa (Barcelona).

Our edge protectors for straps

Plastic strapping edge protector CP20

Plastic strapping edge protector CP25

Plastic strapping edge protector CP40


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