Plastic protection corners for cargo safety during transportation, protect products by securing them with slings, while also providing balance during transit.

Generally, protection corners for cargo can be made of different materials, unless specified by each country, but the reality is that plastic protection corner have the most advantages.

Not just any type of plastic can be used for their manufacturing, as their function requires a balance between rigidity and flexibility, among other things.

Our plastic protection corners for cargo meet these requirements, as we carry out the corresponding rupture tests for each manufactured lot, both at T=20ºC and T=-20ºC.

These plastic protection corners are made of two materials: PP (polypropylene) and PE (polythene). Both materials meet the specifications.

The slings used for securing the products are typically made of polyester and are mandatory to ensure proper restraint, with the support of plastic protection corners for cargo.

All customers who require sling tie-downs are obligated to use plastic protection corners in accordance with European regulations.

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