Straps and ratchet straps for lorry loading are fastening and securing tools used to ensure cargo is secured in this type of vehicle. Straps are bands of strong material that are wrapped around the cargo and adjusted to keep it in place. Ratchet straps have a serrated metal piece called a ratchet that clamps onto a strap or chain and is adjusted by pulling the strap or chain through the ratchet.

Straps and ratchet straps come in different sizes and strengths, and are an important part of transportation logistics to ensure cargo safety and transport efficiency, along with corner protectors.

Straps and ratchet straps are essential tools for ensuring cargo safety during transport, preventing its displacement or falling.

These securing tools allow cargo to be fastened to the vehicle platform, preventing it from moving or falling during the journey, which could cause accidents and damage to the cargo and third parties.

Straps and ratchet straps come in different sizes and strengths to suit the specific needs of each cargo and vehicle, and their proper use is crucial to ensure transport safety. In addition, in many countries, there are specific regulations that establish requirements for the use of straps and ratchet straps, including their minimum load capacity, length, and strength.

Benefits of Using Straps and Ratchet Straps for Truck Loading


Straps and ratchet straps help keep cargo in place during transport, preventing it from moving or falling and causing accidents. In addition, their use prevents legal liability in case of damage or injury.


Straps and ratchet straps come in different sizes and strengths to suit a wide range of cargo and vehicles, making them very versatile and useful for transporting different types of cargo.

Time and Cost Savings

Properly securing cargo with straps and ratchet straps can save time and costs by avoiding the need to repair or replace damaged or lost cargo during transport.


Straps and ratchet straps are easy-to-use and manipulate tools, allowing for quick and efficient loading and unloading. Additionally, they do not require any special skills to be used.

Regulatory Compliance

The use of straps and ratchet straps may be mandatory according to the regulations of the country or region where the cargo transport takes place. Complying with these regulations avoids fines and legal sanctions, ensuring the protection of cargo and third parties.

How to Use Straps, Ratchet Straps, and Corner Protectors to Secure Truck Loading?

Straps, ratchet straps, and corner protectors are essential tools for securing truck loading during transport. Here’s how they are used:

  1. Straps: Straps are strong material ribbons that are tightened around the cargo to secure it to the truck’s platform. To use them, the straps are placed over the cargo, adjusting their tension, and securing the ends of the ribbon with hooks on the truck’s platform.
  2. Ratchet Straps: Ratchet straps are securing mechanisms used to adjust the tension of the straps on the cargo. These devices have a lever that allows the strap to be tightened and the cargo to be firmly secured to the truck’s platform.
  3. Corner Protectors: Corner protectors are pieces of sturdy material placed at the ends of the cargo to prevent it from sliding during transport. They are fastened to the truck’s platform with straps or screws, creating a support point that prevents the cargo from moving.

It is important to remember that straps, ratchet straps, and corner protectors should be selected according to the cargo and vehicle type, taking into account the necessary strength and load capacity to properly secure it. Additionally, it is essential to follow the specific recommendations and regulations of each country or region for their safe and efficient use in truck cargo transport.

Current Legislation on the Use of Straps, Ratchet Straps, and Corner Protectors for Trucking

Worldwide regulations for the use of straps, ratchets, and corner protectors in truck loads vary greatly and depend on each specific country and region. However, there are some international standards that may be relevant in this area:

It is important to note that each country or region may have its own specific regulations and standards for the use of straps, ratchet straps, and corner protectors in the transportation of goods on trucks. Therefore, it is important to consult local regulations before transporting any cargo on trucks and to ensure compliance with all necessary safety requirements and regulations.

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