Accessories for cargo securing

Protective systems, including plastic load corner protectors, are essential for cargo securing.

There are various types of load corner protectors, but we could highlight the following ones:

1. Double-sided and single-sided long load corner protectors.

They are mainly used to secure loads of construction materials such as bricks, gypsum panels, etc.

These plastic load corner protectors protect the tie-down strap from damage that sharp edges may cause.

2. Short protective load corner protectors

They also have a clear protective function. They are used for all types of load protection. The strap is securely fastened between the side guides.

3. Paper coil protection corners.

This plastic corner protector is specifically designed to protect round objects, especially paper coils. The curve of the plastic corner is designed for fitting and protection purposes, ensuring a secure and effective safeguarding of the paper coils.

In summary, the advantages of these plastic corner protectors manufactured by BAUMGARTEN include, among other things, extending the lifespan of the straps and protecting the cargo through uniform force distribution.